Free Musing 20150813
Here's a free quick musing (not an essay) for your consideration.

Simple ways to show love and improve your world:

1. Let those with far fewer items go ahead of you.

If you're in line at the store with 10 items, and someone comes up behind you with fewer than 5, let them go ahead of you. You'll improve their day, and you'll be showing a loving spirit.

2. Be patient.

If the restaurant is taking a long time with your order, remember that their star employee may have called in sick that morning. Be hesitant to assign blame to those who seem to be inconveniencing you. It may be beyond their control.

3. A good touch.

Give someone an appropriate touch and a kind word to let them know you want to connect with them. A pat on the hand or shoulder can be used with most people, and a hug may be appreciated by those who know you well.


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