FREE MyGamerXP Stickers!
Hello awesome Patreon supporters!

I'm always trying to think of ways I can "give back" and show my appreciation for the support I receive from yourselves and gamers all around the world. 

I'll be attending PLAY Expo again in Manchester this year and tried to think of a cool little free gift I can give away to people I meet. As you can see from the photo above, I've designed some little stickers which will be on the smaller sheet on the left (the one with the Sega font "MYGAMERXP" on it. 

As my Patreon supporters though I wanted to give you all the opportunity to receive these early. You can also have them in the bigger size too if you want? I'll also cover postage. Just as my way to try and say thank you again for all your support in helping me grow my YouTube channel and continue doing what I love.

To receive these, please just let me know your address details. You can send me a private message on here, send me a twitter DM, or e-mail me at [email protected]

I hope you like them! The final sticker sheet will be amended slightly and include a "first edition" code so if you're into collecting these (I'll design more in the future), you'll be able to keep track of what order they were released in :-)

Thanks again for all your support! Remember to message me!

- Matt