Free PDF to download and a future project
Hi patrons! The start of this week was a bit special. I guess the one of you following me on social network like twitter or g+ knows about what I'm talking. Long-story-short;  a Kickstarter campaign was abusing Pepper&Carrot's license. The problem is now solved thanks to the massive help of the community and a lot of time to report. 

As a positive outcome, two projects were born :

1. A free PDF version with all episodes ( from 1 to 13 ), 82 pages,  download links:

  > Download the PDF for the web, 18,5MB  ( 96dpi , for screen and light device )

  > Download the PDF for the print, 147MB ( 300dpi, for print and hi-resolution screen )

2. A project to print Pepper&Carrot with the help of the Krita Foundation scheduled for summer 2016 with all benefit going to free/libre and open-source software.  Full article for more information :

About the future episode 14, the release date is not delayed and I'll work hard to  get a beta version for the translation team as soon as possible. I will also post updates and screenshots as soon as I start to be happy with the first visual. 

Thank you for your support and see you soon !

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