Free Photoshop file for you!
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It's little three-year-old Kirishima Eijirou from Boku No Hero Academia [My Hero Academia,] plastering an All Might bandage on his eyelid nick (and everywhere else, apparently!) It's time to post something to thank you so much for your precious time and support that mean the world to my family and me!  ((*´∀`人´∀`*)) I very much hope that you enjoy these free Photoshop files that you make possible with your generosity that I deeply appreciate in every form! There’s just one free .PSD file for now; I wish there were more I could give you… so I’ll keep making more free Photoshop artworks! (人-ω-)💖  

💖 Link to .RAR of Photoshop and JPEG files:!lwwB2RZB!zgWsNzVCx5WvCb42I3fcKOBUdWf6dr3e4sicU1RnvXI  

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