Free Picture- Black Opal (MLP-Avengers)
So, it is drawing close to the end of the year, and I found this picture on my computer. It was almost done -or so I had thought- and decided to finish it up! It is not a picture of Vigilante because I honestly got a brain fart with my next Vigilante sketch. I couldn't decide if I wanted her having a hangover, her fighting a robotic octopus thing, or having her special someone walk in on her showering. That being said, since this is not Vigilante, but an anthro Rarity dressed up as a Black Widow spinoff, I'm giving you guys this picture for free. What was left of the initial coloring of this one only took me a couple of hours, but then I realized something was off (freakish shoulders, porno-boobs, broken, arm, etc.). So I did some edits. Found problems with my edits, Edited those edits. Then edited my edits again. Overall, the editing of my edits that edited my edits of my original coloring added another three hours to this. Originally, I called her "Black Onyx", but I thought to myself after I was done with the sketch: 'Man, that's a dumb name', so I changed it to "Black Opal". Besides, Rarity has a cat named Opal, and I think "Black Opal" suits her better. I'll be doing another Captain Equestria picture, too, as well as the other Avengers in an anthro-MLP fashion. So, stay tuned and enjoy your gifts and merry (late) Christmas! (Just pretend that these actually came on Christmas.)