FREE Power 3 Meditation Intro
The Power 3 Empowerment Meditation Program is a pre-DNA Activation program that will assist you to start the process of focusing your energy and to begin aligning with your DNA blueprint. The full Power 3 program includes a workbook, narratives, experiential guided journey explorations and an attunement (70 minutes total – MP3 audio).

FREE INTRO – You will receive the entire workbook for review along with active download links to the first section, called CLEARING to get started. Plus . . . . BONUS FILE — you will receive your first 10 minutes of our DNA Activation soundscape.

Power 3 Program includes:

  • CLEARING – helps you release old heavy, dense energy that is weighing you down and keeping you in lower level consciousness thoughts; lifting your bio-energetic matrix to align with higher levels of Light frequency
  • ALIGNMENT – connects you with the higher realms of superior guidance and grounds your energy to the earth grid so that you can actualize your dreams and visions with more personal empowerment
  • FOCUS – directs your energy and thoughts so that you can learn how to consciously align with the flows of your manifestations and generate more synchronicities in your life.

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