Free Preview: Innocence Reborn
One of the things I wanted to do more this year was provide excerpts and other free materials to non-patrons, in an attempt to entice them into putting up their own money. So here's the first step on that journey.

Innocence Reborn is a forthcoming novel set in the somewhat distant future. It's somewhere between science fiction and space opera, told from a number of points of view, all of which are children. It's full of action, drama, and (most importantly) fun. Space has always captured my imagination, and I feel it brings out the child in us all. So there you go.

The excerpt here is the full prologue, which is big enough to be a short story in its own right. It follows 15-year-old Levi Maclin, whose family is on its way to mankind's first interstellar resort. It's supposed to be a summer vacation, but things are never that simple.

The complete novel will be available on February 20 for all Serious Readers. That's a $3/month pledge, and you'll get access to DRM-free copies of Innocence Reborn and all my other releases. You'll also have the joy of knowing that my next book was funded, in part, by your contributions.

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