Free Prints for Patreon Members at DragonCon & the KC Renfest!
Did you guys know that all my Patreon members can pick a free 4x6 print at either the Kansas City Renaissance Festival or at DragonCon?  (Or both, if you come to both?)  =)

It's true!  Details and dates are on my Events page here:

All you need to do is drop by my gallery at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and tell me or  Matt (I'm there in person October 1, 2, 8 & 9) or on other weekends tell  Amber or Chris that you are a Patreon supporter (be sure to let them know what name you are registered under here at Patreon) and you ca pick out any of our 4x6" mini prints.

And the same goes for DragonCon - just tell me or Matt that you're one of my Patreon supporters and you can pick a free 4x6" print!

No, it doesn't work on the Disney postcards, lol, sorry (I have to buy them from Disney so I can't make those myself) but any of our own mini prints are up for grabs.  And I'm always happy to autograph them.  

Hope to see some of you guys soon!