Free Prints for Patreon Members at DragonCon & the KC Renfest!
Did you guys know that all my Patreon members can pick a free 4x6 print at either the Kansas City Renaissance Festival or at DragonCon?  (Or both, if you come to both?)  =)

It's true!  Details and dates are on my Events page here:

All you need to do is drop by my gallery at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and tell me or  Matt (I'm there in person October 1, 2, 8 & 9) or on other weekends tell  Amber or Chris that you are a Patreon supporter (be sure to let them know what name you are registered under here at Patreon) and you ca pick out any of our 4x6" mini prints.

And the same goes for DragonCon - just tell me or Matt that you're one of my Patreon supporters and you can pick a free 4x6" print!

No, it doesn't work on the Disney postcards, lol, sorry (I have to buy them from Disney so I can't make those myself) but any of our own mini prints are up for grabs.  And I'm always happy to autograph them.  

Hope to see some of you guys soon!



Tier Benefits
Official Patron!
$1 or more per month 347 patrons
 A $1 patronage gets you in the door! You will earn special place in my heart, you will be helping contribute to the arts, and you'll be getting a cyber pat on the back.  Also, each month I send out Patron surprises, things like rare items, figurines, exclusive pins, and(for example) usually one small original painting per month. 
Previews, Exclusive Coloring Pages & Behind-the-Scenes
$5 or more per month 299 patrons
At the $5 level things really start to get interesting!  Firstly, COLORING PAGES. Yes, at least once a month you can download a fresh brand new coloring page of mine, completely new and different than those in my coloring books!  In addition to getting your foot into the door for my random Patron surprises (including items like original paintings!), the pat on the back for funding the arts, and the special place in my heart, you also get access to the Patreon-Only "Behind the Scenes" posts from me. These are things you will NOT see at Facebook or Instagram or anywhere else. Basically you'll get to see a lot more stuff from my personal life, more detailed photos from my studio, additional works-in-progress photos, projects in the early stages, videos, pics of me, Matt & the kitties as we go about our business, my vacation photos and pics from "behind the scenes" when we do art shows and conventions.
Discounts, Coloring, Previews, Behind the Scenes & More!
$10 or more per month 81 patrons
At the $10 level you get everything included in the first two levels of patronage (inclusion for Patron Surprises, Monthly Coloring Pages access to the Patreon-Only "Behind the Scenes" access feeds, etc.), but most imporantly you get a PERMANENT 10% OFF STRANGELING.COM discount. The discount can be applied with no limit on paper prints, limited edition canvases, open edition remarqued canvases and yes - even Masterpiece Limited Editions (a savings of nearly $60 on these!). If you are a person who buys several prints throughout the year, or even just a few limited editions this will save you money in the end. We will contact you within a day or two of your sponsorship with the discount code and details. If you ever purchase artwork from I recommend getting this level of patronage.

$25 or more per month 273 patrons

At the $25 level you get everything included in the first three levels of patronage (inclusion for Patron Surprises monthly Coloring Pages, access to the Patreon-Only "Behind the Scenes" access feeds, etc.), PERMANENT 10% OFF STRANGELING.COM discount,  and most importantly of all - the PIN COLLECTOR status.  This means you'll immediately get the "Strawberry Cupcakes" Patreon Exclusive Pin and the pin of that month (both pins) shipped to you that first month as well as the current Strangeling Lanyard.  Then, each additional month we'll send you the new "Pin of the month" open edition pins automatically.  This way you won't miss any new pins of the month, and you will be mailed them as they are released.  We will release other Patreon Exclusive Pins, special Strangeling Lanyards, etc. throughout the year, and you will automatically receive those too.  All shipping anywhere in the world is included!  We also do many random surprise distributions to Patreon Pin Collector Tier Patrons whenever we have leftover Exclusive Event Pins (from DragonCon, etc.) just for you guys.  Be sure your address is entered correctly, as this is where your pin(s) will be sent each month!   If you ever collect pins or purchase artwork from I recommend getting this level of patronage. 

TOP SECRET, Pins, Discounts & more!
$50 or more per month 14 patrons
The $50+ level of patronage is for serious collectors. In addition to Pin Collector (both the Patreon Exclusive The "Strawberry Cupcakes" pin and a new open edition "Pin of the Month" each month, the new Strangeling Lanyard, and all other Pin Tier Perks), eligibility for Patron surprises, the permanent 10% Off Discount,  FREE Monthly Coloring Pages, and the "Behind the Scenes" feed, you get the "Top Secret" feed. The "Top Secret" feed is your backdoor into spying on upcoming works-in-progress BEFORE they are posted to the public!  This means that you can get the jump on the rest of the world when it comes to my infamous "First Dibs" lists. I will also preview COMPLETED PAINTINGS before they debut at art shows and conventions, so you can get the first chance if there is a painting that catches your eye, and be the first to contact the galleries or among the first to email me if you want to reserve a piece beforehand. I am also letting those of this patronage level reserve Limited Edition and Masterpiece Limited Edition canvases before they are released to the public. As you probably know, lately we have occasionally been selling out Editions within minutes the public release of a canvas, and if you are the $50+ level of patron you will get the option of emailing to reserve editions before they go "live" to the rest of the world. Editions are still limited, so requests for reservations will still be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and for the most part they will begin being accepted once I post the work-in-progress details of original paintings in the works. Also with the "Top Secret" feed of posts here at Patreon I will show other projects before I can show the general public, such as book projects, potential film or themepark events, merchandise in the test-market stages, sculptures at the basic clay level, the odd sketches and such. PLEASE NOTE: when we say Top Secret, we mean it- you will be asked to review and agree to a short legal Non-Disclosure Agreement to confirm that you will not re-post images or text, will not share sensitive material, and will not re-distribute any information (or other wise spill the beans) of any posts designated Top Secret.

Pledge $500 or more per month
1 patron
You get all the same rewards as above, nothing additional - just the acknowledgement that you are taking your place in history alongside the likes of the Medici Family, the Vatican, the National Endowment for the Arts, Queen Elizabeth, various other royal families and governments throughout the centuries. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, William Shakespeare, Michelangelo and others all relied on patrons in their time to keep things running smoothly. Does that sound grandiose? It's because you really are that amazing!

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