Free Public Screening of This Will Destroy You
Hey everyone!

A lot of people have indicated interest in watching This Will Destroy You in a dark room on a big screen. (One comment, "I want to watch this in a cinema", garnered well over a thousand likes) I myself have not gotten the chance to see it on a screen larger than my laptop, despite very much wanting to.

The biggest issue until now has been the fact that I am poor and cinemas usually cost at least a couple hundred dollars to book for a film screening, and I didn't like the idea of charging for tickets. However, I work at Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis and they gave me... let's call it an extremely generous staff rate :) So we're doing this.

Date and Time: Saturday, January 13th, 4:00 PM
Location: Phoenix Theater (2605 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis)
Facebook Event: Click here 

Phoenix has a nice projector, a decently large screen, and a good sound system. Street parking is usually not too hard to find nearby on Hennepin or 26th street, and if you use public transport like me the 6 line stops right outside. I'll be there at 3:30 PM and will start the film at 4:00 PM sharp.

Here's the little blurb I wrote on the Facebook event this post links to:
"This Will Destroy You is an abstract minimalist album-length music video visualizing the self-titled album of the band This Will Destroy You using the physics toy Line Rider. A mesmerizingly synesthetic choreographed dance-animation. Previously released on YouTube, see it here on a large screen for the first time."

If you're free and in the area, I'd love to see you there! Thanks for reading :)

Long Live Line Rider!
Ben / Rabid

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