Free Sample Download of "The Great Nations of Rendaraia"
just click this link to download it:
We just couldn't wait to share some of this gorgeous book with the world, so we are releasing a FREE PDF sample of the first chapter of our art book, "The Great Nations of Rendaraia"! Click the link above to get your copy, and share it with everyone you know who loves fantasy, illustration, and magic!

We're excited to hear what our fans and subscribers think of the sample! Please chime in here on Patreon, or on any of our social media accounts, to let us know your thoughts about Jan'Ka'Zian and the world he lives in. We are so proud to have built it for you to explore.

Rendaraia is a world where magic, civilization, and nature have long coexisted, but it has come under attack by foreign invaders who are laying waste to its many cultures and peoples. Jan'Ka'Zian is one of few surviving scholars, and he's taken it upon himself to preserve the memories of the six Great Nations of Rendaraia in a tome that documents their histories, mythologies, daily lives, cultures, and more. With beautiful illustrations and imaginative text, this book is one of many to come from the greater universe of The Children of Gaia.

This sample is free for everyone to download, so please feel free to share it! However, the rest of the book won't be viewable to the general public until it's finished and released! Only our amazing subscribers at Patreon will be able to see works in progress from this point on, so please--subscribe if you can! The more subscribers to Oneshi Press, the faster we'll be able to make the book and the sooner you can have your very own copy of "The Great Nations of Rendaraia."