Free Sample Download of "PACK"
Join Patience and his dogs of virtue as they prowl the streets of Brooklyn at night in Oneshi Press's first comic book. In this dark and gritty, yet oddly humane tale, these vigilantes make their own brutal justice as they put crime under the fang. In dark times wrought with corruption, the line between hero and villain is blurred, but to the PACK it’s simple: theirs is the only acceptable violence, and their retribution is as swift as it is fierce.

Oneshi Press is thrilled to show readers the first eight consecutive pages of PACK's first issue, fully colored and lettered, as a FREE SAMPLE download! Click here to get your .pdf file, and come back to tell us what you think of Patience and his friends.

The rest of the comic book won't be available to the general public until we've completed the first issue! Only our fabulous subscribers will be able to see works in progress, so please subscribe if you can! The more subscribers to Oneshi Press, the faster we'll be able to produce the comic.

To download the .pdf, click here or visit the link at the top of this post!