{FREE Sample Post} Week of 08.28.2017-09.02.2017

This Week's Plan

Monday: Chicken and vegetable stir-fry, brown rice

Last week, we had planned to make pho in our Instant Pot, but we didn't end up getting around to it so we have some leftover bean sprouts that we need to use up. Will probably throw in other veggies we have in our fridge, and chicken from our freezer.

We make brown rice in our Instant Pot - 1:1ish rice:water ratio, 24 minutes on manual mode, quick release.

Tuesday: Grilled peach salad with balsamic walnuts and goat cheese, steak

This is our fourth year with Eagle Creek Farms CSA, and one thing I've learned over the years is that I get sick of salad fast. As a result, we have a glut of lettuce in our fridge that we need to use up. We've been getting some gorgeous peaches from our Apple Lady CSA, so I think I'm going to try grilling them and putting them in a salad with some balsamic walnuts (I toast walnuts in a pan, then pour in a bit of balsamic vinegar before taking them off the heat; the result is almost like a candied walnut.) and goat cheese we have.

My husband B. thought that it would be nice to grill some meat with it, and steak was on sale at the grocery store when we went.

Wednesday: Pasta

We have a little bit of leftover tomato sauce from when we made naan pizzas a couple weeks ago (in retrospect, that sounds a little suspect) that we can definitely mix with some canned tomatoes I have in the pantry for a sauce. If that fails, we have some carrot tops that I'm planning to make into pesto this week. Our CSA pickup day is Wednesday, so we will probably get a lot of new veggies to add into the sauce.

Thursday: Grilled sausage and salad

As mentioned, our CSA pickup day is Wednesday, so we'll probably be getting more greens and we need to keep up! It's supposed to be hot this week, so B. wanted to do a bit more BBQing. Sausage was on sale at the grocery store this week, so we picked some up, plus extra to freeze.

Friday: Bread, cheese, veggies/fruit

I never feel like cooking on Fridays, so I tend to leave it up to B. to decide on something to make, or keep it super-simple. We bought a bunch of cheeses at Costco last week, so I can probably pick up a baguette on the way home from work (via the gym), and also eat up whatever we feel like from the CSAs.

Saturday: Dan's Birthday

My friend Dan is having an Amazing Race-inspired birthday, where we are going to have to ride around the city on our bikes and do a bit of a scavenger hunt, I'm guessing. He says the festivities end at 4, but I'm sure people will be going out after; if not, B. and I can go out ourselves.


Last Week's Plan:

Monday: Instant Pot borscht

Tuesday: Out for dinner with coworkers (B. to make Instant Pot chicken pho)

Wednesday: Out for McGill Alumni Association event

Thursday: Pasta

Friday: Stir-fry

Saturday: ???

How It Went Down:

Last week was kind of a mess when it came to meal planning - I cooked on Monday night, but was out on Tuesday and Wednesday, then at the gym until 8 pm on Thursday and Friday, so for the most part, B. was kinda left to his own devices.

The grocery store was out of beef shank when I went, so I settled for some beef rib bones for my borscht. I then added a couple small onions, potatoes, cabbage and beets from the CSA - as it turns out, despite the giant, bushy bunch of beets that I got, there were really just four smallish beets on the end, compared to what was probably 2 lb of potatoes that I threw in 😂 I also added a can of diced tomatoes, then water to cover and a beef bouillon cube. It made a TON - I was almost up to the "max" line on my Instant Pot.

Since it made a ton, it fed us for a few lunches and suppers throughout the week, and ultimately, we did not end up making the chicken pho. In fact, one night after volleyball, B. decided to barbecue the drumsticks that he'd bought and grill some onions and zucchini from the CSA for his dinner instead.

Meanwhile, I had some pretty good dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday night - on Tuesday, I went out with some coworkers to Mill Street Brewery, which was a bit of an adventure because the street's all torn up in front with construction. It was super-hot that day, so I ordered a Lemon Tea Beer and their Smoked Fresh Water Salmon Niçoise. It was good, but the dressing was super-tangy and I couldn't finish it. Also, I ate the olives :)

On Wednesday, I went to an event held by the McGill Alumni Association of Calgary called OAP YYC - it was their take on OAP, or Outdoor Air Party, which is a big music/beer festival that happens in Lower Field at McGill during frosh. It was at Last Best, and they'd booked the patio and had a cover band playing. There were some appies (wings, bread, pesto, meatballs) and everyone got a drink ticket, but it really wasn't a lot of food so we ordered food for dinner. I got their GTV Greens pasta, which was orechiette with hazelnut pesto, and a mountain locally-grown greens (again it was hot, so I was hoping for something lighter). I got them to add some salmon to it for protein, but in retrospect that probably wasn't necessary because I already had some wings and a meatball, and was quite full from drinking two beers! One of the things that I've noticed on my own Intuitive Eating journey is that I do have a habit of eating past full so as that I'm not being "wasteful" - I was definitely part of the Clean Plate Club growing up!

On Thursday night, B. made Pad Thai (with rice noodles and some of the bean sprouts we originally bought for pho, some chicken breast we had in the freezer, and some pantry items we had for sauce), plus roasted cauliflower and broccoli with red curry paste.

On Friday, I heated up some of the leftover BBQ chicken and vegetables.

On Saturday, B. and I had toyed with the idea of going to Moonlight Market and grabbing food for dinner there, but we were both feeling a little low energy and wanted to stay in. As we were getting groceries, I'd joked that we should just have KD, and while we were there, we saw Tuna Helper and I remarked that I'd never had it before. Instead of purchasing it though, we made some pasta (Green Pea Rotini from Costco), chopped up some carrots and zucchini from the CSA, whipped up some bechamel sauce (sauteed onions in butter, then added a bit more butter and flour to make a roux, whisked in milk and added salt and pepper to taste), then mixed in frozen veggies, canned tuna and cheese. We topped it with breadcrumbs and more cheese then baked it to make our own tuna casserole. We added some chopped dill for garnish.

It was *so* good - the ultimate comfort food.

Please share your own meal planning and eating adventures from the past week below!