Free Sketch Day
 Welcome to Patron Sketch Day!   

Ordinarily, this is a recurring monthly event for patrons who pledge $5 and up monthly.  

However, for May's Patron Sketch Day, I'll be opening to the public and offering one free sketch per person, capping at twenty free prompts total.

The theme of this event is simple and straightforward:   

Patrons can leave prompts for sketches in the comments of this post.  These can be anything from one to five word prompts for relatively simple subject matter.  Some examples of prompts might be: Angelic Wings, Falling Star, Moonlit Clouds and Midnight Flight, or Seer.  I will then create sketches in the style shown above, based on these patron prompts.

Patrons get extra sketches!  If you sign up to be a patron, you will be allowed a certain number of additional prompts (plus the one free sketch!) based on your monthly pledge:

  • 1 additional prompt for $5 patrons
  • 2 additional prompts for $20 patrons
  • 3 additional prompts for $50 patrons

Please read through the below points carefully!

  • This event will run for 24 hours, closing at 3 p.m. May 2.  
  • Cutoff point for the freebies is twenty prompts/sketches.  
  • If cutoff point is reached before the event ends, I will continue taking prompts from paying patrons only, until the event closes.
  • Since this month's event is public, I will not be allowing prompts involving nudity, per Patreon's TOS.  
  • I will not create pornographic images, images depicting excessive violence, or themes of intolerance or bigotry.  
  • I will not be creating elaborate character designs for this event, as the character design process is an involved and sometimes lengthy bit of work.   I can create a generic character, such as "Elf" or "Dwarf," however, with a few basic details specified.  Example: "Elf with light hair and pale eyes" or "Stout dwarf with long, braided beard" is fine.
  • I will not be offering free modifications or redraws for sketches created during this event.
  • I will accept commission requests to create digital paintings based on Patron Sketch Day sketches.  Patrons will have access to lower commission rates for artwork relating to this event.
  • Please allow time for completion.   I will be working on sketches throughout the week, and if I get a lot of prompts, it could take longer than a week.

And, that's about it!  Have at it!

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