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You will receive my gratitude, hopefully a better Pandaemonium and your name on a special Pandaemonium page  dedicated to those supporting the website. Plus free copies of my ebooks as they are published. 
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 You will receive all of the above. Plus a copy of each of my new books as they are published.
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You will receive all of the above. Plus, every year, a ticket (or a pair, if that is feasible) to any meeting at which I am speaking if I can reasonably arrange it. And a 12x10 print of any photo from my photography website, Light Infusion. And, as an extra special bonus, a signed copy of a wonderful Jesus & Mo cartoon. (For those who don't know, Jesus & Mo is a brilliant, irreverent cartoon strip, in which Jesus and Mohammed - and sometimes the atheist barmaid - discuss the meaning of life, religion and everything. It’s well worth supporting on Patreon, too)
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A great big, wide-eyed ‘Wow’! A very large thank you. And, in addition to all of the above, you will receive, for having given me the resources to allow me to write more freely, your name in the acknowledgements of my next book. And, if you arrange a meeting or lecture at which you would like me to speak, I will do my best to do so (though, if it is outside London, I will need travel and accommodation costs).
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