Free Speech Not Allowed!!!
Episode 909  Free speech is under attack in almost every quarter of America.  The one place you would think that it would be safe and protected would be in America's colleges and universities.  If you think this you would be wrong!!!

 What is happening on college and university campus's is, the real adults are letting the child-adults take over in matters of free speech.  No longer can controversial topics be discussed.  No longer can there be a debate to determine if a point of view is actually what people claim it is or accuse it of being!!!  Free speech is shut down because of subjective conclusions!!!

  Free speech is just that speech.  Speech is words that are strung together to express something you want to convey to potential listeners.  Words only hurt if you give them the power to hurt you!!!  Too many child-adults in college have never been trained to not allow words to hurt them, or because they are virtue signaling to get attention.  Either way they will never truly grow intellectually, because they will spend too much of their time in safe spaces, not allowing themselves to be challenged!!

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