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This is a constantly-updating masterlist of stories/work and samples/excerpts of stories that are free to read via Patreon! 

More will be added as time goes on! 😀

Content tags are included in the descriptions of the stories. Falls in this format:


Word Count
Pairing(s) [if any]
Content Warnings [if any]

Author Note [A/N]


G: General audiences. This content is suitable for all ages/everyone!
Note: First chapters, and thus excerpts, are probably given this rating. 😂

16+: Teens sixteen and up. This content is generally alright for most ages over 16. May include mild swearing, non-graphic violence, and innuendo.
Note: This is my "general" content rating.

M: Mature audiences. Typically includes stronger sexual content, more language, graphic violence, etc.
• Note: This is my normal content rating, most times. Not always, I swear.

E: Explicit. Adults 21+ ONLY. 


None of these stories are edited professionally. Just to the very best of my ability.

Long Live the Thing | Chapter 1: Meet at Five 

Rating: G
Word Count: 1,624
Pairing(s): None
Imaginary friends, childhood innocence
General, Science-Fantasy
Content Warnings:

Young kindren Bastar, a Darkness-user, discovers he has a most unusual but familiar friend.

How the Devil Shed Skin | Excerpt: Hello, Stranger 

Rating: G
Word Count: 1,708
Pairing(s): None
Tags: First meetings, instant attraction, inhuman lead, original creature
Genre: General, Steampunk-y
Content Warnings: None

A devil-hybrid takes the form of a man named Celezar, a young inhuman hunter looking for a place to call home. But what not even he expected was to once again become entwined with the Lowells, a family he knew from 200 years ago. It would seem that by taking a male form, Celezar has caught the eye of Jean-Luc Lowell, leader of the Lowell Hunters—and his new boss.

How the Devil Shed Skin | Excerpt: First Hunt 

Rating: 16+
Word Count: 1,166
Pairing(s): None
Tags: Monster hunters, parasites, hunting, violence
Genre: Action, Paranormal
Content Warnings: Killing a child

Of course, Celezar's first hunt as part of the new Lowell Hunters deals with parasites. Of course.

Bedrest | Human Shed Skin

Rating: 16+
Word Count: 1,203
Pairing(s): Hermaphrodite man/Gay man
Tags: Fluff, flirting, kissing
Genre: Romance
Content Warnings: None

Jean is visited by his lover in the Cellar's sickbay after getting injured on a hunt. Sometimes, he has to remember Celezar is a playful, cheeky son of a gun...


Rating: 16+
Word Count: 2,964
Pairing(s): None
Tags: Non-graphic violence
Genre: Drama, Supernatural
Content Warnings: None

The short story telling of Lucifer's immediate actions shortly after Falling.

Human Shed Skin: Inhuman | Chapter 1: Monster Hunter | vers. 5 

Rating: M
Word Count:
Demon hunter, monster hunter, demons
Action, paranormal
Content Warnings:
Violence, mental trauma

Jean-Luc was ready for anything. He could handle anything, even the possibility of death. But he was not ready for this, not when it came to his lover. Anything but this.

Untitled Werewolf/Vampire Erotica 

Rating: E
Word Count: 2,721
Pairing(s): Cis Man/Hermaphrodite
Tags: Erotic, vampiric creature, werewolf, mating, mating bites, claiming, impregnation, heterosexual sex
Genre: Erotica
Content Warnings: Death of a child

Dero, a nomadic lycanth, finds his mate after years of horrible loneliness. But his mate isn't quite what he thought they would be. Not that it matters, in the end. There is no stopping instinct.

All stories Copyright © 2017 - 2021 Mar Qaroll.
All rights reserved.

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