Free Surprise Giveaway #1!

Hey everyone!

I'm starting free giveaways for those of you already subscribed, they will be random and you never know what's up next for freebies! 

Later today I am picking 2 patrons that are currently subscribed, at $1 or more, for a set of my NY Toyfair Goodies! This includes a 2017 Design/Product guide booklet, a Meowchi sticker, and a TPS logo button! The booklet will come signed!

I will also be picking 3 patrons, subscribing at $1 or more, later this month for something extra special! I have 3 of my original prototype lanyards from when I started making them 2 years ago. These are color variants from color testing, and they are one of a kind!  

Just to clarify, these are free giveaways. These are not raffles, but more like membership door prizes that are not really announced, just randomly picked and mentioned.  

Thank you all again for your support!