Free to use Webtoon Background & Progress update~ Part 2

Here are the next 4 high resolution school edition webtoon background images for everyone to use however they'd like~

I want to do a total of 30 all together, I really hope these are able to help in some way!

Now for updates on Whisper of Cinnamon, all of the dialogue is sectioned off in the script and for whatever reason the story keeps flipping between a 4 chapter short to a 6 chapter I'm curious to see what chapter number it stays at...

As for the drawing portion I am half way through inking in all of chapter 1 and half way through rough drafting chapter 2.

I'm slowly getting into my whole routine now that I'm done with the story thinking part and now I'm in the image cinematic conceptualize stage. I've been making webtoon comics and publishing comics in general for a few years now but it's still just as hard but still just as fun!

I hope you all are having a great day! I'll make sure to post the youtube speedpaint video for the next update!

If you missed the last update with my previous speedpaint video you can click this link to watch it if you'd like~

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