Free Wallpaper: S1M Scarlet

A lot of Sixus1's items were on deep discount at Rendo recently. I found this incredible Angelic Armor set  for S1M Scarlet. She and all her stuff are designed for Poser only, and for Firefly. Not tested in DAZ, not intended for DAZ. Well, that sounded like a challenge to me! 

The armor loads in DAZ and I could kind of get it to fit on V4. I figured she'd probably be the closest fit. Scarlet  went on sale soon after, so I picked her up, brought her into DAZ and tweaked the textures. 

Her hair won't work in DAZ, so I stuck Bubblegum Hair  on her with OOT Shaders. She comes with lots of poses and options, which seem to work okay in DAZ. The wings just don't pose well in DAZ (they work great in Poser) and the textures are old. 

I'm wondering if better bump maps would help. It would be nice if this set had an update for SuperFly, I'd be willing to go that route instead, but these came out two years ago, about 6 months before that rendering engine existed. 

Needless to say, everything for Scarlet works great in Poser 11 Pro. I'm still a n00b at that program, but she's really fun to work with in there. She seems very well designed. 

Anyhow, I used Feathered Wings for All  here. As you can see, they load beautifully on any figure, and no hassle at all.