Free Wallpaper: An Elf For All Seasons

Here's some wide screen Hottie Elf Wallpaper for anyone who wants it. LOL. I can tailor it to any size. Let me know what you need. 

 This is HinkyPunk's Vulluin for M4 . Poor guy is on clearance at Rendo, so I picked him up for a song and brought him home. He's lovely in Iray! I'm tweaking the Xurge Necromancer outfit , learning how to get some of this Poser stuff looking better in Iray. Fun, fun. Still some tweaks to be made but I really like how this one is coming out. 

I'm still not happy with his hair. It looks kind of chunky to me. Some of the older hairs do, even with new shaders. I'm wondering if some smoothing modifiers might help. Otherwise, I'll have to paint it.