FREE (What would normally be) PATRONS ONLY PREVIEW Some amusing backstory on Mallville Rules
I was originally going to make this post patrons only but then I realized that by making it public I might entice some people into pledging who were on the fence. So enjoy, and if you do, consider making a pledge. The 5 main characters in Mallville Rules are all "loosely" (so loosely that there are no legal repercussions) based on real people who I went to high school with. Captain Gunky is based on me, Iron Matt is based on Matt Peterson, Black Vomit Scott is based on Scott Goldman. But here's where it gets interesting. Mallville Rules is based on a comic I actually wrote in high school called South High Super Squad. And my friend Peter was not in the comic. I think it's because out of all my friends he was not into comics. He was more into partying and having a good time. Sort of like Mad Dog. Now my friend Eric who I have known since I was 8 years old was a very skinny kid with glasses who played the baritone horn. Sort of like Peter in the comic. (Real Eric did not have a giant red afro but I swear to God there was a kid who did. But my high school yearbook is in black and white so you'll have to trust me.) And keep in mind I'm saying Peter looks sort of like Eric. And they both play the baritone. The real Eric was much cooler than the fake Peter. Just as cool as the real Peter. Almost as cool as me. So how did Peter and Eric get sort of switched? Well, like I said before, the characters are very loosely based on the real people. (The character most like the real person is probably Scott and only for his seemingly limitless self confidence. I always admired that about Scott). It's more like if you read Book 1 you see that Peter is not in the book. So, when I went to write Book 2 and wanted to add a new "everyman" character and needed a name, I chose Peter. So, Peter finally got to be in the comic but didn't get super powers. So it goes. Oh. The real Peter actually does make a guest appearance in the original South High Super Squad as "Captain Nice Guy" a character of his own creation. He gets his powers by charging his power ring with a magic beer stein and reciting an oath. I have all the original comics. I'll have to look for it. That's all for now! (Picture is a sketch by NEW Mallville Rules! artist Mike Jandreau) Gary
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