Free Zelda Items Cross Stitch Pattern

It's been a little while since I posted a free pattern, and I had someone ask me for my rupee earring patterns the other day, so here we are!

Included are rupee patterns in 6 different colors, potions in 3 colors, and hearts in 6 basic colors.

I recommend playing around with the colors though! Make something new! Use variegated threads like in the heart earrings pictured.  Or maybe metallic threads like in the blue potion, or silk threads like in the green potion!

I also recently did a color swapping tutorial over at ; I don't think I mentioned it here, so head over there if you also want a free Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced ribbon pattern. Ok, well the original red ribbon is here on Patreon already.  But the tutorial has it in 6 more colors for you!

In other news, my application to table at Denver Pop Culture Convention was approved. So unless I chicken out, I should be there in July. Now to spend the next ~7 months fretting about how many of my books to order/bring, and how much random stock I can stitch up and get ready for sale before then.  Yikes.

Cross stitch takes *time* and considering DPCC is 3+ TIMES the size of TwitchCon 2018 (the only con I've tabled at), I'm... well, scared.

...also I don't have anyone to help me with the table so if any of you are planning to be at DPCC and want to stop by so I can take bathroom breaks or something lmk. I can pay you in merch. ;-;

Alternatively, if you want to SHARE a table with me, we could probably arrange that as well. :)

Overall exciting news though, and should be an interesting experience! Wish me luck!

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