Freebee n.1 (public post)

And being this felon consulted by Josefa Maria (?) and one sister of hers Maria Josefa married with Antonio Rioz, a man of the sea, in order to know if this was dead or lost in his journey, she arranged to discover this, and for this she cast an egg and water inside a chamber pot which she placed over a plate of salt in the presence of an 8 year old girl who should be young, as the felon claimed, and a virgin, and to this one she gave nine straws, for her to cast, one by one, as she did, into the chamber pot with the following words the felon was teaching her: Blessed Saint Cyprian, thou wert a Bishop and Arch Bishop, confessor of the holy house of my Lord Jesus Christ, over the waves of the sea thou roamed, thy 9 lots in the sea thou cast; if in the sea thou cast them, on land thou kept them, by thy holiness/sainthood and by my virginity I ask that in these waters that thou declares to me if Antonio Rioz is dead or alive = and another in the following way = Blessed S. Cyprian who to the world thou rose, and of herbs thou wert covered, three shouts thou gave for the Holy Trinity to aid thee; and by the divine sustenance, and by the divine sacrament I ask thee to discover if Antonio Rioz is dead or alive = which once all was done the felon placed a scissor as a cross on the mouth (?) of the chamber pot, uttering some other words in a low voice, which she said were from the Creed; (?) and she showed to each separately what was inside the chamber pot, where they saw a ball with (?) a flag on top, and she told them not to despair and that (?) in the following day a ship entered, and in it (?) Antonio Roiz, and the felon said that as they had seen this then the ship was already entering by the tower, as in reality it did happen.

(from Inquisição de Lisboa, processo nº 1082, Processo de Joana Rosa, 1750 fol.40v -41r .)

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