Freebie Friday • 2013/2014 Sketchbook (part 1)
Two new things: the 'Work' tier has been abolished as most of my work is just all my content these days and it's both sketchbook and digital, so everyone gets access to it now.

Second thing: We have a schedule! In effort to keep this running smoothly and give you more I'll be following this:

  • Work Wednesday

    All QQ and college work I've done in the week will be posted.

  •  Freebie Friday

    Something gets posted for the non-Patrons! Because I love you all too. 

  • Sketch Saturday

    $5+ tier gets access to any digital sketches from that week.

  • Sketchbook Sunday

    $10+ tier gets access to any sketchbook work from that week

To start this off, today's Freebie Friday is the first five pages  of my first/second year degree sketchbook. Some of these have been posted in the past but never the thing in full, so some of this is brand new! Come back next week for the next five pages.