Freedom: Cry out ... and I will come ...
"Cry for freedom ... and I will come."

And she will hear you when you cry.

Enter the EVO Universe and learn about the ground shaking origin story of the superhero that started it all.

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Video created by Kipjo K. Ewers of EVO Universe, LLC

Music for Motion Picture Advertising and Video Game Advertising Trailer Productions - trailers, TV spots, commercials, promos, featurettes, Media Entertainment, News, Previews & TV programs.

Music Track 1: From Within
Company: PostHaste Music
Album: Volume 10.
Composer: Mark John Petrie
Genre: Epic Action Drama Trailer Score
License: Licensed through PostHaste Music.
Copyright: Copyrighted to PostHaste Music
Mark Petrie's site:

Music Track2: Hero
Company: PostHaste Music
Album: Awake
Artist: Skillet
Genre: Alternate Christian, Rock

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Second Music track used in this video belongs to the band - Skillet.