Freedom painting almost done!
Here is my latest painting, a commission that is coming along well! Probably another two days on it and it will be finished!

This life of an artist is crazy hard financially, living from one piece of art to the next. Trying all sorts of avenues to find more clients. Just recently I had the chance to talk over my situation with some business people I know well, and they had a great idea.  They encourged me to come up with smaller more affordable works that can be sold in cafe's and shops in the tourist area of the Dandenongs (where I live) Find a product that can be achieved quickly and cheaply and can then be turned over quickly to get the income that I need. Then I can spend more time on my larger more elite pieces.

SO.. I am about to head off to an Artists Retreat in Tasmania for four days to work solely on smaller pieces to market. I am pretty excited about this adventure and quietly hopeful the cash flow will become more consistent and can continue to live off my art. It sure is no easy path this art life, but so grateful I can at least give it a good hard go, and see where it leads!

Thanks again for those of you who support me through Patreon. No joke, your money is the ONLY income apart from one other private painting class and my paintings (which sell very rarely). So when the month comes around I sigh a huge sigh of relief that I can afford to buy more materials and food to keep me going!

Hang in with me guys! I feel like I am on the edge of things taking off! Keep in touch with the journey and be encouraged that your part is HUGE to me!

Thanks again!

Oh, yes this painting here is called "FREEDOM". There is a story coming about that when it is all done, so stay tuned!