Freedom Squadron: Hardcore
From the Freedom Squadron Data Files - 


Code Name – Hardcore

File Name – Alonso Pozzi

Primary Military Specialty – Special Forces Warrant Officer

Birth Place – Palmero, Italy

Alonso was a driven man. He joined the Italian Special Forces during World War 3 and earned the rank of Warrant Officer 1st Class. He always claimed he never got any higher because the brass wasn’t dumb enough to give him a commission, but in actuality he had turned down several promotions because he didn’t want to be taken out of the field and put behind a desk. His tough demeanor and near-suicidal bravery earned him the call sign of “Hardcore”. Originally, General Steel resisted recruiting Alonso because his military record showed him to be a man who was careless with his own life and took extreme chances to accomplish missions. It wasn’t until nearly two years after the end of the war when Hardcore was finally added to Freedom Squadron’s ranks. VENOM had entrenched themselves in a chemical weapons factory, and Freedom Squadron had no way of attacking without massive loss of life or killing everyone in the surrounding city. Hardcore, and a small team of his fellow Spec Ops soldiers, infiltrated the building under nightfall and as the sun broke the horizon, he had thrown open the front doors of a completely sterilized VENOM facility. General Steel recruited him on the spot and Hardcore has been acting as a second-in-command for him ever since.

"VENOM operates in the smoke and shadows of the world. They fear nothing because they think they are ghosts. Well, now they have something to fear, because I'm waiting for them."


That's directly from the VENOM Assault board game materials. This is one of the many awesome characters I'll be writing up for the Freedom Squadron setting book for Savage Worlds.