Freeform Mandalas Mar 20

You can make mandalas from just about anything... and you don't even have to make them perfectly symmetrical!  In fact, being CLOSE to symmetry -- balanced but not perfect -- wabi sabi??? -- gives your creation excellent character!!

How are you feeling today?

I felt so much BETTER after "letting loose" and playing with mandalas this morning!!

Now that's a new use for crosses, dontcha think?

I LOVE crosses, but never really see them as "religious"... just COOL!

I even run a website called!

That's my little table in the popup camper where my Mate and I live.  I kept few craft items out of storage, but it is getting warm enough to play with my materials again... WOOT!  :O>

I would like to create a whole Kindle book on mandalas... would you like to see me do that?  

These are just the ones I made in a few hours, this morning, messing around with jewelry pieces.  You'll even see some findings in them -- little rings and other "accessories" for making jewelry.  Whatcha think??

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