FreeHolder on Steam Greenlight

As of 5:30 PST yesterday we have hit Steam Greenlight - And we're already 20% of the way towards the top 100!

Basically when we get there we're practically guaranteed 'eventual' Greenlighting.  The higher we rank the faster Steam will make us an offer we surely can't refuse.

Spread the word guys!  If you haven't already up-voted us, now's the time! 

Also if you got a buddy who you think might like FreeHolder please spread the word!  Patreon is working to improve visibility for creators on their site, but for now it's word of mouth and whatever reviews and streams we can get our game onto in the near future.  

What we need most of all is more patrons, even at $3 per month!  

Tell your friends guys!  And thank you for all your support!

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