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Supporter! You have my big, huge thanks and I will be more than happy to give you a shout-out on twitter and/or facebook complete with a link to your site and everything.
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Obviously a heartfelt thank you with a shout-out thrown in, and you'll also get beta access to any game I'm working on (should you so choose). Oh, and you will be credited in any of the patreon-supported games I release. Plus you get any books I release for free (in PDF).
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Thank you; a lot! You get all of the above, can choose a game cities related subject of your liking for me to cover in a detailed article, and will get a copy of every commercial game I release in the future for free. PDFs of any books I work on too, and any cool extras I can think of. Also, you'll be credited in all my patreon-supported games as a major supporter. 
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