Fresh Start
Hey everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know I've cleaned up all my previous Patreon entries. We're starting over. New plans, different goals, etc.

I've also finally settled on a new url/networking name, Sue Draws! I'm working on redoing a lot of things, but this is the largest one. I've used my full name or lady kaguya for the past seven or eight years. Both are a bit complicated to explain or spell, so 'Sue Draws' is a suitable replacement.

If you'd like to follow me elsewhere:

Finally, I made a new and official website! However it's still a WIP. But go ahead and bookmark

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. The only place I won't be found is deviantART--for now anyway. Trying to figure that one out.

Anyway, I'll be making another post shortly on Inktober, as well as life. Take care all!