In a relationship, there's bound to be compromise.  The trouble is, we don't always accept what we have to give up or know how to deal with change.  For us, the act of 'talking things out' has gone through so many levels since we burst into the world as a duo.  

'It feels like a fresh start', said Ying, looking out into the world from our favourite cafe and then back at me.

The words jiggled from my ears all the way down to my toes.  It felt like a milestone, a from there, a new landscape.

'I feel like we need to do something to mark this.  To celebrate,' I said.

It took her a few seconds to suggest, smilingly, 'Like a handshake?'

So we give to you, the Fresh Start handshake by Heartwrite.  A high five, a fist bump, and of course, a heart (our version of one, naturally).  Enjoy!