Fresh Start v0.4 (Patreon Release)
Here is a release for Patreons, bringing in a couple of updates including the start of the pregnancy release. This brings in releases 0.3.5 - 0.4

(This is not the latest version, please check my homepage for the links to newer builds) 

 Link to the download : HERE - For $2 Patreons     

Included in this update we will be bringing more updates to the brothel, which should now see another sex scene with a few customer requests (  including a perverted request at the brothel ). I have also added in a small update to sending Nick some nudes, which will fire if you have the option to send him some in the clothes store.

The Beach is now a new location that you can visit. It's a great place to improve your mood, and can also be used to lower your inhibition too ;). In order to access the beaches content, you will most likely have to go and purchase the correct attire at the clothing store. Go and put on your bikini and get ready for some exhibitionist fun! 


Another thing that this release will focus on your character being able to contract sexually transmitted diseases/infections from their amorous activities. Now practising safe sex actually has some game play value, and by using condoms you can prevent your character from catching anything when you engage in either vaginal or anal sex.

Don't worry, if you do contract something, there is now a Hospital that you can visit that can cure you, for a fee. This will increase the difficulty of the early game as the cost of the treatment can be quite expensive initially.

The hospital will also allow you to modify your body, by increasing or decreasing your breast size (again, for a fee). This will mean that you can unlock more content per play-through, as there are certain scenes tailored to different breast sizes.

And finally  you will (finally) be able to get your character pregnant!

First things first, I have added in a simplistic period mechanics to the game, where your character will go through 4 stages as the game progresses. There are only 2 stages that you need to be concerned about, and that is when you are ovulating or when you are on your period. 

- If you're ovulating you will have a greater chance at becoming pregnant via unprotected sex. You can get pregnant via most of the main male characters or any unknown "John" at the various places around the city.

- If you are on your period you will need to purchase some sanitary products otherwise you will see that your mood will suffer.

- You can also, for a fee terminate your pregnancy at the local hospital and buy a pregnancy test at the local pharmacy.




- New Image in Lingere store shopping menu.

- Send Nick more nudes of you trying swimwear on in the lingere shop.

- Another sex scene in the brothel (M/F), contains a couple of requests.

- New location in the beach where you can go to improve your mood and beauty. (Only when sunny!)

- You can buy swimwear to use at the beach, which affects what events will happen.

- Onepiece

- Bikini

- Check Clothes in wardrobe is now accurate (wasn't showing Pink panties, will also show new swimwear)

- Can sunbathe nude on the beach. 

- Fixed broken image link for sunbathing naked.

- Flashing scene on the beach.

- Another request in the brothel (M/F) - An outercourse scene where the client has a special request for you.

- Added in Hospital

- Breast Implants

- Breast Reductions

- STD Cure

- Added in risk of STD from unsafe sex (with strangers only), these can be cured at the hospital for a fee. You can prevent this by using condoms. (If loading a save, you will need to sleep for this to take affect)

- Added ability to contract the disease in the Park :  High Chance

- Added ablity to contract STD in the Purple Lounge : Medium Chance

- Added ability to contract STD at the Brothel : Medium Chance

- Added ability to contract STD as a Masseuse : Low Chance

- You are prevented from working at the Brothel, you will need to seek treatment.

- You are prevented from offering extra services at the purple lounge until you have undergone treatment.

- You are prevented from offering extra services at the massage parlour until you have undergone treatment.

- Your Energy will be negatively affected each morning until you seek treatment.

- Allow you to check your breast size in the stats menu


- Reduced the chance of you getting an STD across all sources. This was happening too frequently for my liking.

- Chance for you character to get pregnant if she has unprotected sex

- Current fathers are 

- Random Clients / Strangers

- Paul (Landlord)

- Mr Wilson (Teacher)

- Nick (Housemate)

- Pregnancy Test in the Pharmacy

- Ability to have a child if you carry them til the full term. (280 Days)

- Menstruation Cycle implemented

- Stats will show you (roughly) what stage you are on

- Ability to buy Tampons (Your player will use them automatically) Without these your mood will suffer

- Ability to terminate your pregnancy at the Hospital, if you wish.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts