Freshman Part 1
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My original goal for college was to follow my naive dream of becoming a band director. In retrospect, this seems rather silly considering I had horrible anxiety when it came to teaching in front of a class. Because of this and my growing interest in playing guitar, I knew I had to find something else. I started playing more with friends and eventually formed my first band, Written in Stone. Although this ensemble was short lived, it sparked something in me. Something I hadn't felt since that first time creating. I had found my new, BETTER, magic wand. In the next video, I'll explain some of the social changes I undertook that year and hopefully, this will add a bit of clarity to the actual music I am showcasing. If you'd like to catch the whole story, go back and watch the first video. And of course, stay tuned for the next episode! Thanks for taking the time to hear my story :D