Freshness/Beauty 1st Gene Key ~ Embody Your Essence 1st Line
Sunrise on this initiation of my Patreon creator year with a series of 4 seaside sunrise videos.  I had only intended to make one...but this is 1st of 4, cycles/lines and fresh new beginnings.... each one entirely NEW!
My camera kept cutting out and showing that the videos had not been recorded---but they were...
So I posted 2 of the fresh starts. If you want to see the other 2, just drop me a note and I'll send you the links for those too. 

This week of kickoff. for this project all posts and videos will be visible to all.  Soon, when some of you are Patrons...I'll begin the Embody Your Essence with the Gene Keys instruction videos and some other special gifts just for you. 

Answering "How is Love Blossoming NOW?"

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