Friday Night Magic (Modern constructed) 2017-09-15
 Friday Night Magic

Join us for Sad Robot's weekly, sanctioned #FNM event! Everyone's welcome!

We've got all kinds of stock in the Armoury, plus we've got all kinds of Magic experts on hand to help us learn the rules and improve our decks! Ideal for players looking to ease into the competitive scene!

Do yourself and your decks a favour, tap whatever mana you need to so you can get down to the club this Friday! And don't forget to order your cards on, so they'll be ready for collection at the club when you arrive!

As usual, it's R55 for a Day Pass, which includes entry to the venue, access to our WiFi and various bottomless beverages (be sure to try our famous hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!). Once you're inside, you're free to do whatever you like, and there's no extra charge to play in the tournament.

Spectators are welcome, but they are still required to buy a Day Pass. The R55 is for entry to the venue, not for the tournament. The tournament itself is free.

Registration/deckbuilding/trading begins at 18:00, and round 1 starts at 19:00 sharp. Latecomers are assigned game losses! We're open from 16:00, as usual, so if you'd like to warm up with some friendlies, tweak your deck or whatever else, feel free to come through early.

This month's FNM prize card will go to the top four places. First place wins another valuable card (to be revealed on the night), and there's a non-zero probability of some boosters going to the top spots too. There are also some Sad Robot vouchers going around.