Friday Night Update
Friday has arrived! So the past two weeks have been quite a lot and I may need to adjust each week appropriately, by this I'm thinking about using the next few weeks to mainly get the Storyboard and Panel Layout finished for Volume 1. I will set aside some days for working on the website, scripting, and every thing patreon related. I'll make sure to follow up this posts with a preview of what the panels and sketches look like so far so stay tuned for that post!

Tomorrow I'll also update the Patron Rewards so make sure you check that out and that will go into full effect next week!

Also! Check out the above picture! It's the Cover to Volume 1: The Cataclysm! It's a bit of symbolism of the Before and After for the lands of Westwend and Vacaria. In addition to this cover I plan to make a special variant cover as well for all my Patrons upon release of the first issue!

And as always much love to all my Patrons and Supporters!