Friday Night Magic (Free-for-all) 2017-09-15
 Friday Night Magic - Casual

Join us for Sad Robot's new, weekly casual Magic event. Everyone's welcome!

Friday evenings are the perfect time to gather at the club for a few friendly games of Magic. Whether you're learning to play the game, warming up for the Modern tournament, or trying out some new decks or formats, our new casual FNM is way to earn Planeswalker points while you're doing it. No pairings, no time limits, no scores. Just fun.

And don't forget to order your cards on so they'll be ready for collection at the club when you arrive!

As usual, it's R55 for a Day Pass, which includes entry to the venue, access to our WiFi and various bottomless beverages (be sure to try our famous hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!). Once you're inside, you're free to do whatever you like!

We'll have some random prize draws to thank our casual players for coming through early! The more casual players, the more prizes we can give away! Remember: you'll need to be registered with your DCI number before 19:00 to qualify for the random prize draws.