Welcome back to another #FriendlyFriday, where I tell you about my fabulous friends and the brilliant things they are up to!

Today I'm introducing you to another of the fantabulous ladies of PBBCRedux: the magnificently magic Lynda Gene Rymond! I absolutely fell in love with Lynda Gene during my week at Highlights--I look forward to one day visiting her at Goblin Farm!

Lynda Gene has worked as a house cleaner, horse stall cleaner, diner waitress, farmer, houseparent for disabled children, bookseller, maskmaker, and more, all while making art and writing stories and poems, too. These days, when she's not writing, she teaches people with brain injuries. (To say Lynda Gene is a good egg is an UNDERSTATEMENT.) 

But my favorite thing about Lynda Gene is that she lives on GOBLIN FARM! It's a small farm next to a cemetery that she shares with her husband, three goats named Diego, Guadalupe, and Perla, too many roosters, not enough hens, and two cats, Dayhunter and elf, who is too little to need a capital "E." 

Ready to find out about her books?


Oscar the cat loves his boy. He also loves to climb way up where he can see everything. He jumps onto the fridge, onto the bookshelf, and onto the roof of the garage, but if he jumps just a little bit higher, his view would be out of this world. With the mightiest leap of his life, Oscar makes it all the way to the moon. Oscar makes some new friends there.

Next up is THE VILLAGE OF BASKETEERS, and isn't this cover the most adorable cover ever?!

In the Village of Basketeers, the soil is too rocky for farming and the sea too rough for fishing. Luckily, the grasses and reeds that grow nearby are ideal for making baskets and a basketeer can weave anything—a house for a duck, a barn for a horse, or a carriage fit for a queen.

Life is good in the village until one day when the wind blows a little harder than it blew the day before. And it only gets worse the next day, and the next. The townspeople have big ideas for taming the wind, but the wind is in no mood to be caught. Can little Elsa and Kip coax the wind into settling down, with the cleverest idea of all? 

I highly recommend you run out and grab both of these picture books for the littles in your life! You won't be sorry! Want to learn more about Lynda Gene? Visit her website!


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