from the ashes
It’s been a challenge to write while the earth shakes, homes burn, and everything from the earth to the sky quivers with uncertainty. But this is part of what is so extraordinary about Hawai‘i Island: it demands your deference to the whole. 

Earth is First, there is no question. 

Pele is our best teacher of that truth, and it’s a lesson humanity desperately needs to remember. We are residents of this planet, not its purpose. So here we are, at the edge of the river of burning stone, remembering. There is pain in this lesson, the heartache of loss, especially for our friends and neighbors loosing property, resources, and sense of home.  So I will stand with them, and provide love in the form of care, support and even cash, but I will not be angry with the Earth. I will be a grateful student, learning a hard lesson, and be stronger on the other side. That is the path for all of us, no matter our address, or distance from the fire - to be stronger with every breath.

If you are looking for ways to live your aloha for Puna, here are some ideas:

Volunteer to Donate to Pu’uhonua o Puna, a direct relief provider organized by the Puna community.

Support families displaced by the lava flow, here are a some I personally know:

And here is a general fundraiser by Hawai‘i Island professional baseball player, Kolton Wong:

Mahalo for your support of our island community.

Photo Info: I took this photo on a visit to honor Pele when she was flowing towards the ocean in summer 2016.  That flow is over now, and it sounds like things could be very different from now on.  That's some courage and action we could learn from right now; let's follow the leading of the Earth, and change things up.  Don't you think it's about time?