From the Heart
It's me again, Gene Turnbow, the station manager of Krypton Radio. I wanted to talk to you today about friendship, faith and trust. Those three things are the reason Krypton Radio exists. 

If you're a patron, you've joined a circle of friends who see that Krypton Radio is something unique and special, and that deserves to exist so that we can stay a part of the creative world that surrounds us.  We do this because we love it as much as you do - but just as importantly, we do this because we know we are your proxies in this, and that we are the the interface between daydreams and reality. We make great things happen, and we're able to do it because of your generous contributions. You've made yourself our friends. You're a part of it all, and in an important way that makes us all family.

If you're a patron, you have seen that I'm doing what I say I can do - that we are all what we say we are together - and that you have faith in my vision and where Krypton Radio might be taking us all, together.

If you're a patron, you trust not only myself and the Krypton Radio team, but all of your other fellow patrons as well, to have the good judgment to recognize a worthwhile cause when we see it. Friendship, faith and trust make Krypton Radio what it is. And the rest is pixie dust.

Thank you for being a Krypton Radio patron and helping to keep this marvelous experiment alive  - and if you aren't one yet, or you know somebody whom you think should be, there is still room at the table. Come join us.

- Gene Turnbow, Station Manager, Krypton Radio