From Inspiration to Final Painting - Part 3 - Painting the Background
Ive given myself 20 minutes to write this post while I am waiting for my train with a coffee. So you might know but I paint with watercolours, my favourite paper at the moment is clairefontane (I think that is how you spell it?) Extra Rough watercolour paper. I love the texture, and how it doesn't warp or wrinkle, holds a lot of water. I have had a couple of problems laying down black, but that might be the paint or me. Who knows? The first thing I did was lay down some masking fluid, to cover the majority of the rabbit, but I left the legs and the hearts uncovered. Now onto the paints, I use Windsor and Newton professional watercolour, I brought a I think it was a 24 half pan sett for £44, and I've added more colours and replaced the ones I use a lot of, such as Indigo and Olive green. I've added Quinacridone (not spelt right) Gold, Indian Red, I've brought I purple I love but I can't remember the name. Err. Replaced Ivory black with Mars Black by accident, after using all by Ivory Black up in a black and white painting. And brushes, they are reasonably basic, my favourite is a divinci brush, in a size 1, which cost me less than £1.50, it holds a lot of water keeps a nice point, and it just feels really nice. This was one of my first paintings with it, I will be buying more!! Now onto the painting itself. I uses a large brush to give a quick wash of water and started placing the colour and giving some loose shape. I added some darker colour and used a straw to create the dribbles/splatter but only a few at that point, I built them up. I work in a lot of very thin layers slowly building up the shapes and colour, I really enjoy seeing each layer reveal the subject more. Once that had dried I started adding the basic details of the "red" and pink roses, in a very light pink made from Windsor (Cadmium) Red and Alizarin Crimson. It's hard to explain my process, but If working with the reference I pay close attention nd it is all about looking and thinking, but painting the roses by memory meant I had to look in my memories and make descisions, and I kept changing my mind on how detailed I wanted to go. The create the "white" roses I uses Lemon yellow and a grey made with Cereleun blue, and a little Cadmium Orange, to create the shadows of where the roses are. I've never been good painting white roses. I added more splatters, and just worked the piece up. I knew I wanted it to be more abstract and impressionistic. But I found it hard to stick to that as I also put the detail into my paintings and I give them a realistic look. But I was a good challenge and the effect paid off. To be continued with inking.