From the Outside

So what's on the inside? 

Free stuff:). 

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Ok, not technically free since being a patron means you are tossing a few pennies a month into the bucket. 

But still. 

It's a boatload of learning activities for a buck or two a month.

And I am busy loading more each week...

What's inside so far?

In the $1/ month page:

Kindergarten fall bundle (Normally $12.00 but it's free for patrons)

Holiday Gift Guide and Organizer (Free. Download it here)

Complete Apple Unit (Free. Download it here)

White Chili Recipe (Free- Download here)

Star Chart (Free- Download here)

22 Manner Cards for Kids (normally $3.00)

Letters to Self (normally $3.00)

Magic Tree House BUNDLE (normally $5.00)

Fall Grammar Task Cards (Normally $3.00)

Cooking Camp Bundle (Normally $7.50)

Bible Study Bundle (Normally $19.99)

All About Snow (normally $3.50)

Snowman Pack made by our youngest son:)

Christmas Math and Reading Activities (Normally $3.00)

Christmas Themed- Hardest Math facts 

Christmas Jokes Solved by Divisibility (normally $3.00)

I caught you reading bookmarks 

Doubling, tripling and quadrupling Numbers (Normally $3.00)

Kindergarten Fun Facts

Kindergarten Sight Words WINTER (Normally $3.00)

Number of the day-Middle school (Normally $3.00)

Number of the day- elementary (Normally $3.00)

Mitosis (Cell cycle) Flip-able (Normally $3.00)

Medieval Science Pack (Normally $2.00)

Movie response sheets (Normally $3.00)

Multiplication Mazes- FALL (Normally $3.00)

Multiplication Mazes- WINTER (Normally $3.00)

I know my phone number (Normally $3.00)

To Do List for Kids (Normally $3.00)

Tooth Fairy Ninja

Order of Operations Task Cards (Normally $3.00)

Thanksgiving Math and Reading Activities (Normally $3.00)

Roll a Snowman (Normally $2.00)

For $2/month you also get:

  • Ebook Homeschool Guide for Real Families ($12.95)
  • Super Bundle (sold individually for over $150)

More to come...

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