From a young player on the Autcraft server
"I want to give a big thank you to all the people who have made me such a big person. I didn't have much friends at school, so you guys all made me awesome and everyone else in the community!

I feel so special in this community, and it's so awesome to just be with you people, and its Autism Awareness Day very soon, and it will be time to celebrate with all the autistics on the server for such a wonderful place we have.

Autistic people have many differences, and sometimes we all struggle to deal with those things. But that doesn't mean someone is worthless, being autistic makes you very special, because you were always that way.

Thank you everyone for making this such a great time and opportunity."

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Support Autcraft
$1 or more per month 24 patrons
For just a dollar, less than a cup of coffee, you can help support myself, my children and the thousands of children with autism that use the Autcraft server every day.

You'll never even notice having one dollar less but the kids who need a safe place to play will.

$3 or more per month 48 patrons
For those who can do a bit more than just a dollar, the $3 option is a great way to offer three times as much while still giving so little that you likely won't even notice it over all. It would make a world of difference to so many kids who need a safe place to play.
Post Card
$6 or more per month 12 patrons
In addition to my appreciation, you will also get a digital postcard from myself and Autcraft to say thank you for supporting us!
Rank + Discord + Sign at Spawn
$10 or more per month 138 patrons
  • For your patronage, we will place your name at spawn on a sign so that all of the visitors to the server can see who it is that's helping to keep the whole place running.
  • On the Autcraft server, you (or the player of your choice) will receive the special Patreon Rank in game which includes some extra commands and permissions to help streamline your game play experience, including /fly, /tptoggle (the ability to auto-deny tpa requests) and removes auto messages from the chat and more!
  • All rewards from previous tiers
Includes Discord rewards
Mug'n More!
$20 or more per month 30 patrons
  • This mug will be sent directly to you from featuring our server logo as a reminder of all of the children that you are helping to provide a safe place to play. 
  • All perks from previous tiers
Includes Discord rewards
Discord VIP
$50 or more per month 5 patrons
  • VIP Access to Autcraft Patreon Discord server, one on one conversations with AutismFather and talk with the rest of the group
  • All Perks from previous reward tiers
Includes Discord rewards
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