Frostfall 3.2, Campfire 1.9 Now Available
In Patreon-supported news, I think I've settled on making a party parrot based video with some really dank music. I'll keep you all updated on that. Thank you for your support!

This remainder of this post relates to personal projects that aren't supported by this Patreon.

Hey folks,

Very happy to announce that Frostfall 3.2 and Campfire 1.9 are now available. A redesigned Exposure system, massive UI improvements, and tons of bug fixes await.

You can check the post here for most of the details.

Download Frostfall 3.2 from the Nexus

Download Campfire 1.9 from the Nexus

I now switch gears to decoupling both mods from SKSE and SkyUI in order to support the Special Edition at the end of this month. More on that soon.


-- Chesko