I will pay them back. Frothism will have no slavery at all. It will deal with equality. I am no one's slave. I am a free man. I am Dr. Steward WH Lar. Well, now I have to start over. I'm at the bottom now. I've never been down here before. This is Frot Froth.

Frot Froth Apprentice. Must be intelligent. I teach this individual a craft or a trade. A beginner in Frot Froth. Must believe and worship God and Jesus Christ. Must have a King James Version of the Holy Bible. Must believe what the Bible says. Must know the code word to become an Apprentice. FAMEHeart1

Virtue = Purple = Jacinth.

Praise = Violet = Amethyst.

Funded by: Frothism.

August 2019 = 75,000. Switch from Dewjarls Gaming to Resolamb Gaming.  

1 John 4:1-21.


(Eternal 14)