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Frustrated Sailing (official acoustic recording)
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About This Song:

This is a track I've been kicking around for a long time. It was originally written with my last band - Birthday back then it was sort of a Blur/Bowie inspired romp, I will have to share that version at some point as I don't think that ever got out there officially. This is my more acoustic version which owes a lot to artists like Jose Gonzalez and Devendra Banhart in it's gypsy finger picking vibe. I was trying to capture the sea sickness of chasing your shadow around London-town and waking up too many times in strange places with a head full of polaroids. This song was aiming to live on my newest album - The Invisible Record but in context it just didn't work for me so it will have to find it's own way. It features the lovely vocals of Sarah Golden (The Battle of Land and Sea) and Jessica Brown (Dusty Brown). Enjoy this download and please help me build this community by telling your friends about it. I'm excited about sharing a more of my songwriting and the stuff that know one usually hears and it's really great to have this support for my music.