Fry Nation Update: Vlogs, Trips to the US, and more!
Shout out to the Fry Nation! We passed the 20K Mark! Next goal is 50K, then that Silver Play Button!

I sincerely want to thank every one of you for supporting this channel. The fact that we can host our podcast on other platforms is amazing, and the extra funding that goes towards games and what not. I'm eternally grateful.

TwitchCon is coming up soon, at the end of September, which means I will be flying from Canada down to San Diego for that. I plan on doing some vlogging while I am down there, and will have that edited and good to go when I get back.I plan to use this time to network with the developers and charity organizations there, and begin to make contacts in this industry. I was fully expecting to be going down there with 5K Subscribers, but it looks like I will have around 30K going down, which is amazing!!

I just want to thank you guys again for believing in me and my team to bring you great content. I'm not a religious person, but I feel blessed by the support.

Thanks, and see you in San Diego!

#FryNation #23KStrong