FTW252 - Death Wish
In which our intrepid trio exact our own version of justice on life, movies, and other podcasts as we discuss this 1974 cult classic. 

Yay/Nay (2:58) Kung Pow Enter The Fist • John Wick Chapter 2 • The Last Man You Meet • Get Out • Point Break • I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore • OJ Made In America • Manchester By The Sea • The Hateful Eight • Gymkata • 

Oscar Talk (25:38) We break down our thoughts on "The Flub" as well as the winners and losers based on what we actually saw. The Neon Demon was robbed! 

Montage Episodes 241 - 250 (44:40) Bubbawheat once again provides his editing talents to give us a montage of our previous 10 episodes. Please visit his site at FlightTightsAndMovieNights.com as well as his various shows on iTunes. Also give him a follow on twitter @Bubbawheat 

Main Review (1:06:01)

Spoilers (1:23:42) 

Tribute to Bill Paxton/Outtakes (1:37:44)

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