Nobody could figure out why the trees in the park had turned fuchsia overnight, so they put a giant glass bubble over it.

Scientists from all over the world had been flown in at great expense and speed to study the effect.  One of the scientists was a herpetologist; as nothing he studied seemed to be present, he mostly wandered around the military tent space eating bagels.  None of the architects of the international response had apparently planned very well; but to be fair, they were given 30 minutes to choose people.

Within a few hours, they had mostly ruled out soil corruption, atmospheric transmission, chemical poison, and extraterrestrial radiation.  It had taken the janitor to suggest checking for paint, but it turned out that also wasn’t it.

By the second day, opportunists had started coming out from everywhere and selling whatever the increasing influx of visitors would buy.  The mayor showed up at one point and started giving sound bites and YouTube material.  As he said with a chuckle to the CNN crew, if the Fuchsia Forest added tourism income to his city, he wasn’t going to complain.

The National Guard, on the other hand, didn’t seem too happy with the bubble selfie mob.